You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Who owns Caru Pet Food Company?
Caru Pet Food Company is a family-owned business operated by two Canadians who originally founded Karu’s Canine Cuisine in 2010. Adrian and Pamela Pettyan are medical professionals who care about the happiness and well-being of every pet.

Why did you rename your company Caru if your dog is named Karu?
When we adopted our little Golden Retriever puppy, we named him Caru after the Welsh word that means “to love.” We spelled his name with a “K” instead of a “C” just to be different. But when we had the opportunity to reorganize and rename our company, we thought it was important to go back to the true roots of Karu’s name. The real reason we started this company was out of love for our dog and all pets.

If I change my dog’s diet to Caru stews, will it cause digestive upsets?
Some vomiting and/or diarrhea can be expected when introducing new foods because there is an intricate and delicate balance between the naturally occurring bacteria in your pet’s digestive tract. That’s why we recommend slowly transitioning your pet to Caru stews over a period of about 7 days so that the new food is not a sudden shock to their system.

We suggest mixing 25% of the new food in with 75% of the current food for the first 2 days, then mixing 50% new food with 50% existing food for the next 2 days, then mixing 75% new food with 25% current food for the next 2 days. By day seven, you can feed your dog 100% new food. If your pet experiences any kind of digestive upset during this time, try slowing down the process.

What’s better – wet dog food or dry?
Pet parents commonly feed dry kibble to their dog due to its relatively low cost. However, from a nutritional standpoint, there are many excellent wet dog food options that are frequently overlooked. You might also consider topping your dog’s dry food with our stews; together they make an especially tasty and healthy meal.

I have heard that feeding dogs wet dog food exclusively isn’t good for their teeth. Is this correct?
According to the ASPCA, many pooches show signs of gum disease by the time they’re four years old. Since most dogs are fed dry kibble, it stands to reason that the culprit is not wet food but a lack of proper dental care. In fact, since many kibbles contain a higher percentage of refined carbohydrates, dry dog foods could ultimately increase plaque and tartar levels — and thus cause more dental problems than they supposedly prevent. Whether you feed your dog solely Caru wet stews or a combination of dry kibble and wet Caru, here are some helpful suggestions from the ASPCA:

  • Brush your dog’s teeth (using a canine tooth brushing kit) two to three times per week.
  • Provide chew toys to satisfy your dog’s natural desire to chomp, help massage his gums and scrape away soft tartar to help keep his teeth clean.
  • Be sure to schedule regular dental checkups with your veterinarian.

Are Caru stews low in protein?
Caru stews are not low protein recipes. Guaranteed Analysis statements on pet foods are reported on a wet matter basis. When recalculated on a dry matter basis, the protein percentages in our stews are as follows.

Chicken 24.81%
Turkey 32.13%
Beef 27.63%
Pork 30.70%

Are there any grain free products in the Caru line?
Actually, every stew and treat we offer is both grain free and gluten free! We also promise that our products don’t contain any corn, wheat or soy.

Do Caru products contain artificial flavors, preservatives or colors?
No. Our entire line of stews and treats is made with only natural ingredients (fortified with vitamins and minerals).

Do Caru products contain meat or poultry by-products?
No. Caru stews and treats do not contain animal by-products of any kind.

Where are your products manufactured?
In the United States. We create and develop our own recipes in collaboration with an accomplished Ph.D. animal nutritionist. We are proud to say that all of our products are manufactured in facilities that are USDA approved and inspected.

Are your stews truly “human grade”?
Yes! The FDA has confirmed that our stews are made with 100% human grade ingredients and they are processed and handled in accordance with FDA regulations for human food. Just remember, these stews are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of dogs, not people!

How about your treats?
While our Soft ‘n Tasty baked treats for dogs and cats cannot be labeled human grade, they’re carefully prepared in small batches without grains, gluten or GMO ingredients and are naturally preserved. Turning our attention to liquid treats, our all-natural Bone Broths for dogs and cats are made with 100% human grade ingredients and are prepared in a human food plant. Like all Caru products, they’re made in the United States.

How long do your dinners stay fresh?
Unopened, Caru dinners have a shelf life of two years. Once opened, these convenient, resealable cartons can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Always check the Best by Date on the top of the pack to determine if the food is still suitable to feed your pet.

Where can I purchase Caru products?
Caru products are available at a number of neighborhood pet stores and online pet specialty retailers. Please click here for a complete list of our American and Canadian retail partners.

Where do you get your ingredients? Are any sourced from China?
All of our ingredients are obtained from the United States, except for a handful of vitamins and minerals which come from Europe and/or Japan and Tapioca Starch from Thailand. Caru products contain real meats and poultry plus vegetables and fruit. All meat proteins are government inspected before being used in any Caru recipe. For your further assurance, all of our food suppliers must conform to Caru’s stringent manufacturing standards for quality and safety. 

Do I need to add supplemental vitamins or minerals to your dinners?
Caru formulas are complete and balanced, as is indicated on our package. No additional supplementation is necessary or recommended as it can compromise the health of your pet.

My older dog occasionally refuses to eat. What can I do to stimulate his appetite?
Aroma is the foremost factor that attracts dogs to food. As pets get older, their sense of smell declines, which may explain the loss of appetite. Also, continuous panting in very hot weather reduces a dog’s sense of smell, so try to feed your dog in cooler surroundings. Here are some more appetite-amplifying tricks you can try:

  •  Always try to serve the meal at the same time of day.
  • Gently warm the food in the microwave or add a little warm water.
  • A little light exercise before meals could help.

But please be sure to contact your veterinarian if your pet steers clear of his bowl for a considerable time.

How do you guarantee quality in the manufacturing of your pet foods?
We address this in a number of ways.

  • Caru products are manufactured with the utmost care at plants that are certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Food & Drug Administration, which means they must meet stringent standards for quality, cleanliness and food safety. In addition, we set exceptionally high standards for ourselves and all of our suppliers and partners.
  • Our exclusive recipes are made naturally with carefully selected ingredients. They are prepared in small “artisan” batches.
  • All our products are made with a limited number of natural, wholesome ingredients. Our stews are simply fortified with vitamins and minerals. That’s why they look, smell and taste like homemade food!
  • These are the most carefully prepared recipes you can serve your pet. As pet owners ourselves, we are committed to the health and safety of your pets and will continue to work actively to ensure the quality and safety of all our products.

I’ve noticed that when I open a pack of stew that some of the packs have a little more gravy than others. Why is this?
Caru stews are carefully prepared in small batches. Because of this, they don’t turn out identically from one batch to the next.  It’s just like when you make a homemade stew from scratch – no two batches are exactly alike!

Why does the gravy in Daily Dish stews look different than that in the Classics?
One of the protein sources in our Daily Dish line is flaxseed, which imparts a slight greenish color because it contains chlorophyll. We could have easily disguised it by adding natural or artificial colors, but that would violate our promise to provide your pet with good, wholesome, unadulterated food. Flaxseed is an excellent source of fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids that are good for skin and coat. Moreover, chlorophyll helps detoxify the bloodstream and improve digestion, the likeliest cause of bad breath in dogs with healthy teeth and gums.

How is your dog food cooked? Is it baked or extruded?
Caru stews are neither baked nor extruded. Our goal is to produce the healthiest, most carefully prepared recipes you can feed your pet. With that in mind, we use carefully selected, high quality ingredients with real meats and poultry plus vegetables and fruit. The use of better raw ingredients means that Caru stews can be minimally processed, so fewer nutrients are cooked out. We also utilize proprietary cooking and packaging processes that are unique to North America. The end result is a nutrient-rich, readily digestible stew for pets with flavor and aroma that’s unsurpassed.

How do Caru stews compare to the other leading brands of dog food?
At Caru, we’re focused on feeding pets the things they need, and cutting out the things that are bad for them or that people are trying to get rid of in their own diets, which is why:

  • In all our stews, the first ingredient is meat or poultry. In our beef stew, for example, beef is listed first, which means that there is more beef than any other ingredient.
  • Our stews are made with a limited number of natural, wholesome ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals. They don’t contain any animal by-products, meals or fillers. Our pork stew for dogs, for example, contains pork, pork broth, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, peas and tapioca starch with added vitamins and minerals. To compare our ingredients with those in your brand, click here.
  • Every Caru product contains real vegetables and/or fruit that are rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, natural vitamins, minerals and fibers – everything necessary to promote health and wellness.
  • Caru products don’t contain any grain wheat, gluten, corn or soy – grains that some dogs can’t tolerate in their diet. Nor do they contain any artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. And all recipes are made with NO GMO ingredients.
  • All of our real meats and poultry (beef, pork, chicken and turkey) are sourced from highly reputable North American suppliers.
  • All our stews are carefully prepared in small batches.
  • Our Classic Stews for dogs are the first ready-to-eat diets made with 100% human grade ingredients that are prepared and handled in accordance with regulations for human food.

That’s it. That’s all that’s in our food. Only the most nutritious, delicious ingredients that your dog truly deserves.