What sets our products apart.

Carefully selected, human grade ingredients. 

We start with USDA inspected poultry or meat, plus veggies and fruit that are responsibly sourced. Our stews consist of 100% human grade ingredients, processed and handled in accordance with FDA regulations for human food.

Created in small batches. 

So we have more control over the way our stews and treats are prepared. As a result, they look, smell and taste more like homemade! 

Made in the USA.  

So you can feel good that you’re feeding your pet the purest, safest recipes you can find. 

Picky eaters love the taste. 

Also great for dogs with poor appetites!

Ideal for dogs with food allergies. 

Thanks to the limited number of ingredients we select, our products are perfect for food-sensitive pups.

Responsible packaging. 

Our packaging philosophy is reduce, reuse and recycle. We make every attempt to minimize our carbon output by using “green” materials that are less resource-intensive to produce and transport. 

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