You don't have to be Welsh to love Caru.

What does being Welsh have to do with Caru Pet Food? Glad you asked! Caru means “to love” in Welsh. Love, after all, is why we care so much about the nourishment we provide for our pets. But please be assured that our natural recipes aren’t just for pooches that hail from Wales! They’re carefully formulated to help keep your dog happy, healthy and full of life.

So why doesn’t our founder Karu’s name begin with a C? Well, when we adopted our little Golden Retriever puppy, we named him Caru after the Welsh word that means “to love.” We spelled his name with a K instead of a C just to be different. But when we had the opportunity to reorganize and rename our company, we thought it was important to go back to the true roots of Karu’s name. The real reason we started this company was out of love for our dog and all pets.