Frankly, we're flattered.

Here’s what more and more caring pet parents are saying about Caru stews and treats every day!

This is Charlotte, our Shiba Inu/Beagle mix. We found her at a shelter almost two years ago and are just in love with her! (Look at that face!) As a tripawd, she needs to maintain a fit and trim physique. In addition to exercise, she eats a mostly grain-free diet and enjoys lots of CARU Baked Bites!  We love the fact that you’re producing all natural, quality products right here in the USA and that your company is family-owned. We want to give Charlotte the best life possible and incorporating healthy snacks like CARU is a big part of it.

-Heather and Charlotte

Lady, is an almost 15-year-old Kerry blue Terrier. She has been doing so well ever since we changed her to Caru Pet Food. She was hospitalized with a severe case of pancreatitis two years ago. She also has an autoimmune disease and kidney problems. We needed a grain-free food to address her autoimmune problems as well as one that was low in fat for her pancreas issue and sodium and protein for her kidney issue. You had the answer for us. She loves your beef stew and has been doing so well for the past 2 years. Thank you sooooo much!

-Ellen and Lady
Brenda and Hunter

I’d like to thank the makers of CARU food. Our Lab mix, Hunter, wasn’t acting himself, we received a diagnosis of prostate cancer and were told he only had days to live. Hunter started losing his appetite and wouldn’t even eat the best wet canned food. We offered him steak and beef. We offered him chicken and turkey. He had lost his love for food. A fellow worker suggested that I try CARU. I was skeptical because I thought if he wouldn’t eat human food, dog food wasn’t going to be eaten. I was wrong. Hunter ate CARU every meal for over 10 days. We still offered him whatever we ate but he only wanted CARU. We were so happy to have found this food that kept him fed until the day he passed! I truly believe Hunter lived longer because of the great nutrients he was able to have in this food. Thank you for making this amazing food!

-Brenda and Hunter
Belkis and Shiloh

Shiloh is an 8 yr. old lab who is an extremely picky eater. “Mommy spoiled her” and she gives me a very hard time to eat, but just the smell of the Caru Stew (beef) warmed up and she will run to the kitchen and put her paws on the kitchen counter. As a topper it lasts me 4 days – plus I add a little water to it. Shiloh has NOT given me a hard time to eat since. You guys have a GREAT product. Once again, thank you for offering such a nice healthy product for our furry babies.

-Belkis and Shiloh
Beth and Benjamin

My 10 month old Bernese mountain dog, Benjamin, LOVES the stew on his kibble. This is Benjamin after his dinner!!!

-Beth and Benjamin
Eileen and her dogs

We received the beef stew in our monthly Barkbox – our dogs loved it more than any food we’ve given them over the past 4 years! So glad we discovered CARU, thank you for this great product!

-Eileen and her dogs
Mayrienne B and Blue & Otis

Otis is a gorgeous basset hound who was rescued from abuse and abandonment and has been with us since February 2, 2008. Blue is an adorable Rottweiler/beagle mix who has been with us since October 4, 2009. Both had been on a natural diet since adoption but about a year ago, I introduced them to a high end kibble while still following a natural diet. Both did well but put on weight. In September 2014, Otis began vomiting which took place over 2 days. After testing, our vet found he was suffering from very early stages of pancreatitis and was subject to very strong medications. The vet suggested he go back to a natural diet and luckily, my local pet food store carried Caru. Otis & Blue absolutely loved it and funny enough, it was made with all of the same ingredients I used to make for them. Both have been on a natural diet and have lost weight and I’m relieved to say, Otis has made a full recovery. Thank you Caru!

-Mayrienne B and Blue & Otis
Megan and Edie

My Pomeranian, Edie just loves Caru Treats!!
For such a small dog, with a large treat, it takes no time at all to finish it off.
Plus there is no gluten or additives, so I know it’s only the best for her.

-Megan and Edie
Christine P. and Sessie

Sessie normally just lets her food sit and eats it whenever she gets hungry, but with Caru Pet Food she eats it right away, she just loves it. I have not seen Sessie so anxious to eat ever!!!

-Christine P. and Sessie

Riley loves the Caru food. He is addicted now and won’t eat his regular food until he is 100% sure that he isn’t getting Caru food. When we mixed it with his food however he licked around his dry food to eat the wet food and often threw the dry food out of his bowl to get at the wet food!!!

-Yvonne M. and Riley

I think this one is a winner, so we’re going to keep this food!

-Zahida K. and Ms. Minnie

As you can see, Cushla can’t wait to have her Caru Pet Food when it’s meal time! And she makes sure there is not one speck left behind!! It’s so nice to give her what she LOVES to eat and not feel guilty about giving her junk food. It’s wonderful to have a product that is full of ingredients that you know are only good for her!!

-Elizabeth K. and Cushla

I tried feeding Caru to my 5 dogs and they loved it. I tried to take a video as they ate but I wasn’t quick enough, they are it so fast. Two of my employees have also tried it, and two of my clients. All dogs love it!!! They all licked their bowls clean.

-Jenn M

Karu liked the food so much; we started the company for him!!!

-Adrian P., Pamela P. and Karu

Shadow loving up this new food! It even smells good to me! Like vegetable soup!

-Allison W. and Shadow
Quincy M. and Hopscotch

My dog Hopscotch loves Caru dog food more than her kibble, matter of fact she won’t eat without it; obviously spoiled. I am a pet parent interested in what’s on the market. I first thought maybe the Caru food was for me but then I remembered that you said it was for dogs on the packaging!

-Quincy M. and Hopscotch

We gave about two tablespoons to Sadie and Stanley this morning to slowly introduce it to them. Sadie who is the most finicky eater EVER loved it and scarfed it down! Stanley of course will eat anything but the true test is her…if she likes it you got yourself a winner! Our video is of Stanley baying for Caru’s Canine Cuisine! Sadie doesn’t bay but Stanley does every morning and it is so darn funny it should be on video!

-Janet L., Sadie and Stanley
Frank R., Grace R. and Contessa

Contessa is eating your food marvelously. She chases the beans and carrots around her dish and then goes back to finish off her peas. We figure you have a magic potion in it.

-Frank R., Grace R. and Contessa

They love their dinner and we love that they love it!

-Erin D., Molly and Pepper
Elizabeth C. and Lucky

My name is Lucky, an 11 year old border collie. I’ve always loved to eat my whole life, besides going on walks with my family, it’s one of my favorite pastimes. But I can’t believe I went so many years without Caru Pet Food. Now that I’ve had such deliciousness, I can never go back to that old stuff. Thank you for letting me be a contest winner and changing my life. Woof!

-Elizabeth C. and Lucky

This video speaks for itself!

-Sarah M. with Dozer and Daffy

Cody loves his Caru, too!

-Kristy B. and Cody
Bobbi M. and Harvey

When my Daddy put my bowl down in front of me, I could immediately tell it was something new! I was kind of bored of eating dry food, but this was something different. The Caru stew was meaty and tasty, with lots of yummy gravy just like my Daddy has for dinner. I begged nicely for more, and even offered to shake paws, sitting all pretty, but I still only get it twice a day. It’s a tough life being a dog sometimes! All the best, Harvey the Goldendoodle

-Bobbi M. and Harvey
Irene C., Mini, Mr. Big and Moki

Dear Caru, thank you for fulfulling our tummies with some healthy delicious meals! It was a wooftastic delight! Arf ARF ARFFFF! We wooof you !!

-Irene C., Mini, Mr. Big and Moki

Rocky loves the wet food! He won’t eat his dry kibble unless we use your topper.

-Janine G, Martha M and Rocky