Testimonial by Brenda and Hunter

Brenda and Hunter

I’d like to thank the makers of CARU food. Our Lab mix, Hunter, wasn’t acting himself, we received a diagnosis of prostate cancer and were told he only had days to live. Hunter started losing his appetite and wouldn’t even eat the best wet canned food. We offered him steak and beef. We offered him chicken and turkey. He had lost his love for food. A fellow worker suggested that I try CARU. I was skeptical because I thought if he wouldn’t eat human food, dog food wasn’t going to be eaten. I was wrong. Hunter ate CARU every meal for over 10 days. We still offered him whatever we ate but he only wanted CARU. We were so happy to have found this food that kept him fed until the day he passed! I truly believe Hunter lived longer because of the great nutrients he was able to have in this food. Thank you for making this amazing food!

-Brenda and Hunter