Testimonial by Mayrienne B and Blue & Otis

Mayrienne B and Blue & Otis

Otis is a gorgeous basset hound who was rescued from abuse and abandonment and has been with us since February 2, 2008. Blue is an adorable Rottweiler/beagle mix who has been with us since October 4, 2009. Both had been on a natural diet since adoption but about a year ago, I introduced them to a high end kibble while still following a natural diet. Both did well but put on weight. In September 2014, Otis began vomiting which took place over 2 days. After testing, our vet found he was suffering from very early stages of pancreatitis and was subject to very strong medications. The vet suggested he go back to a natural diet and luckily, my local pet food store carried Caru. Otis & Blue absolutely loved it and funny enough, it was made with all of the same ingredients I used to make for them. Both have been on a natural diet and have lost weight and I’m relieved to say, Otis has made a full recovery. Thank you Caru!

-Mayrienne B and Blue & Otis