At Caru, we believe that an optimal canine diet should consist of high quality poultry, fish and meat along with veggies and fruit, while a high-meat diet flavored with a hint of veggies and fruit is ideal for cats. Add the close-to-perfect ratio of Omega 6 to 3 fatty acids that Marine Microalgae Oil can provide, and you have a great foundation for longevity, happiness and health.

We've enhanced our stews and broths with Marine Microalgae Oil to achieve a guaranteed balanced Omega-6 to 3 ratio of 5:1 or less. This sustainable, non-fishy oil is rich in EPA and DHA fatty acids. Working in tandem, these essential nutrients are great for all pets and are known to support:

Many nutritionalists agree

that an optimally healthy diet would contain five drops of Omega-6 for every drop of Omega-3. But in several commercial pet foods, the ratio is closer to 10:1 – or even more. The key to whole body health and wellness is getting the balance right!

The INSide story

What science has shown us about feeding your pet.

Keeping your best friend happy and healthy is as easy as


Stepped-up nutrition, same homestyle taste.

We’ve made some additional enhancements to our recipes. But rest assured that Caru Classics and Daily Dish stews still look, smell and taste just like homemade!