Functional stews and broths made with human grade ingredients, with a homemade taste pets love!

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Caru Daily Dish and Classics Stews for dogs – what’s the difference?

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Irresistibly lickable treats

Tastes just like homemade

Tummy-pleasing broths for pets

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Hearty functional bone broths for dogs & cats

Soft ’n tasty baked bites

Nourish with love.®

Hi, we’re Adrian and Pamela Pettyan. We founded Caru Pet Food in 2014 out of love for our wonderful dog and all pets. Practically from puppyhood, Karu (no, that’s not a misspelling!) had constant ear infections. To address this, our veterinarian suggested a homemade diet consisting of pure, healthy, nutritious food. From the day we switched Karu to this new dietary routine, we found that he was more playful and healthy.